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Wake Up World


Experience the long-lasting and refreshing scent of Wake Up World. Revitalize your senses with its mouth-watering opening notes of crispy green apple and citrus tones, intertwined with delicate florals and tonka-infused vanilla. Perfectly balanced for all-weather and unisex use, Wake Up World will energize and inspire!

"A perfume in which you perceive a constant evolution without the theme changing completely. However, there is quite a clear development, especially in the first few seconds, which are particularly citrusy. I would say that after spraying, it is important to wait for the fragrance to develop for at least a minute before smelling the test strip.

You can consider it a unisex fragrance, even if it is a bit more masculine. As a fragrance, the first spray is an explosion that blows right in our faces, along the lines of 'hurry up, wake up, something is going wrong in the system.' As a more global message, it's clearly a denunciation of the global marketing system that makes people buy anything and everything, mainly based on what we're told, but not based on reality." - Michel Almairac, brand's founder.

Warm Woody

  • Top notes: Bergamot, lime, citrus
  • Heart notes: Green apple, Turkish rose
  • Base notes: Bourbon vanilla, tonka bean, ambroxan