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Eight & Bob

Annicke 5

A dash of luscious Plum, a hint of Vanilla, and a touch of Caramel create an unexpected intense scent that leaves behind a sensual oriental trace.

Ormonde Jayne


A sparkling showcase of neroli, captivating your heart with its winning charm. The fragrance is a timeless homage to the perfect blend of harmonious scented oils. Skillfully combined with ylang ylang and bergamot, Tanger is a radiant and golden perfume, brimming with joy and irresistible appeal.


Velvet Splendour

Bold, sensual and glamorous.

4160 Tuesdays

If you're searching for a scent with character, you're looking in the right place. Exclusively at Aviva in Australia, enjoy the charming and adventurous fragrances from London perfumer Sarah McCartney.

The perfect way to choose your new perfume

Custom Sample Pack

With hundreds of amazing scents to choose, you will thoroughly enjoy taking the time to trial something new. Experience each fragrance in multiple settings and moods to find your perfect perfume.

Fall in love with Autumn

Indulge in the warm and enticing scents of autumn with our collection of Autumn Perfumes. Choose from our carefully curated selection or our Top 10 right now for the season.

Boho Inspired Fashion from our Boutique


Feel fabulous every time you step out in a piece from our Jaase collection. Feminine, floaty and gorgeous bohomian designs that are made to suit all body shapes and sizes.

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Looking for the perfect gift? Treat your loved one to an Aviva Parfumerie eGift Card where they can indulge in luxury fragrances, candles, skincare, and more.