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With an addictive quality that leaves you yearning for more, this fragrance is a glorious tribute to the beauty and elegance of the tuberose. Experience the enchantment of Tubereuse Imperiale and elevate your fragrance collection to new heights.

4160 Tuesdays

If you're searching for a scent with character, you're looking in the right place. Exclusively at Aviva in Australia, enjoy the charming and adventurous fragrances from London perfumer Sarah McCartney.

Essential Parfums

Divine Vanille

Addictive, chic, seduction. Divine Vanille is a tribute to Vanilla Absolute, celebrating it's depth, sensuality, elegance and addiction.


The rich and comforting body butter from Lollia is housed in a fine box of French-inspired blue foulard accented by buzzing golden bees.

Delicate infusions of Sugar Cane, Vanilla Bean & Jasmine soothe as they smooth.

Hand crafted in Mexico, Hola Bella jewellery is ethically sourced by local artisans.