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Skin Regimen Recharging Mist


A super fine, lightweight antioxidant mist to shield the skin from blue light coming from digital devices and the sun. Instant rehydration on-the-go during the day, and can be applied over make up for makeup setting. A must-have to reapply often during the day to keep skin moist and radiant with a 100% natural rose and lavender aroma.Featuring BIOTECH FERMENTED EXTRACT from radiation-resistant microorganisms which have the ability to adapt to light radiation in an extraordinary way. The extract activates the light receptors called opsins, enhancing the physiological defence mechanisms of the skin. Promotes the accumulation of lipids by strengthening the skin barrier, increases antioxidant activity and the repair response of DNA damage. It therefore counteracts skin aging induced by solar and artificial blue light, reducing the formation of dark spots and wrinkles.In a clinical, instrumental test, the Recharging Mist is proved to have an antioxidant and protective action from blue light*.*clinical test, instrumental measurement, 20 women, application of Recharging Mist four times a day for 28 days.