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Renight Oil 30ml


This precious oil has a double nourishing and antioxidant action with a multi-vitamin plant oil blend, silky to the touch, with Certified Organic Goji Berry Oil and Macadamia Oil. Recommended for all skin types. Ideal for undernourished, dry, stressed and tired skins, in combination with a night or day cream for extra antioxidant protection. Recommended for its repairing and emollient action after sun exposure or in harsh and cold climates.

HOW TO USE :In the evening, after cleansing, apply to the face, neck and decolletage and massage until completely absorb. For an additional nourishing and antioxidant effect add a few drops of the Renight Oil to the cream.
For those with nut allergies there could possibly be slight sensitivity upon application of the products. Apply a small amount of product to the inner forearm and verify the tolerability.