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Ambre Safrano


Sensual and intense, amber is at the centre of the olfactory narrative of the new Ambre Safrano.

Ambre Safrano explores the oriental facets of this emblematic raw material. Blended with saffron, suede and woods, the fragrance transports the wearer to the burning heat of the Orient. The golden tones of the saffron reveal a leathery, velvety, gourmand softness. By combining vanilla with the sensuality of sandalwood and oakwood, Ambre Safrano takes us on a heady faraway olfactory journey.

Transport your olfactory senses to the remarkable heat of the East with BDK Parfums’ Ambre Safrano Eau de Parfum. Intense, sensual notes of saffron, suede and sandalwood reflect the scent of the burning temperatures of this atmosphere, while leather and soft, gourmand notes delicately balance oakwood and vanilla.

PERFUMER : Julien Rasquinet


Top notes
Saffron accord
Black pepper oil from Madagascar
Plum accord
Heart notes
Rose Absolute from Turkey
Olibanum absolute
Black leather accord
Base notes
Oakwood CO2 from France
Sandalwood oil from New Caledonian
Vanilla bean extract CO2 from Madagascar