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SÌ eau de Parfum Intense


The intense chypre ambery fragrance.

Sì is the most powerful word.

Indulge in the captivating world of Si Eau de Parfum Intense. This exquisite fragrance from the Si collection is now encapsulated in a unique bottle, crafted with glass-making savoir-faire, with the same symphony of intensity and sophistication. Designed to empower the modern woman with irresistible confidence, the Si Eau de Parfum Intense weaves deep, sensual notes that envelop you in a luxurious olfactory experience.

Olfactory Opulence: Unveiling Si Eau de Parfum Intense

Giorgio Armani's Si Intense is a harmonious blend of rich accords that linger on the skin like an elegant embrace. Opening with the succulent sweetness of Blackcurrant Nectar, it captures your attention with a burst of fruity delight. As the fragrance evolves, the heart reveals a floral bouquet infused with Rose Damascena and Davana essential oil notes, adding a soft yet passionate layer to the composition. The base notes of Bourbon Vanilla and a hint of Black Tea bring forth a velvety warmth, creating an enduring trail that leaves a lasting impression.

Crafted with a unique glass making savoir-faire, the new jewel bottle is adorned by the golden Sì logo, embossed in the glass. The precious bottle is designed to last, refillable and recyclable. It is a powerful statement to invite every woman to say Sì.



In the new SÌ eau de parfum intense, our blackcurrant nectar is obtained not from the buds, but from the fruit, thanks to a unique extraction technique offering a very different, fruitier, and intense note. Both juicy and pulpy, blackcurrant nectar brings naturalness to the fragrance, and an addictive fruit nectar effect.



At the heart is a rose damascena absolute, which reveals the rose’s richest, most appealing facets, creating the fragrance’s dense, suave effect. This combines with davana essential oil notes, whose velvety, fruity note adds to SÌ eau de parfum intense floral sensuality.



The sensual trail of overdosed bourbon vanilla infusion from Madagascar, is sourced through a sustainable program designed to support local communities. The hint of black tea, sustainably sourced in India has smoky and herbaceous accents, elevating the vanilla signature of SÌ eau de parfum intense.