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SÌ Passione eau de Parfum


Si Passione, the fragrance for women by Giorgio Armani, unleashes the passion of the Si woman. An intense, uncompromising scent, Si Passione is for a confident woman willing to make extreme choices - a woman who dares to say 'yes'. 
Si Passione reiterates the keynote signature of Si, blackcurrant Jungle Essence nectar, combined with sparkling pear. At the heart is rose and jasmine absolute, reflective of the strength of femininity and the maturity of cedarwood. The color red is emblematic of Si Passiones attitude and essence.

Red as a sign of vitality, red as a signal of passion. Red to wish you good and positiveness says Giorgio Armani. 
Fragrance Notes:
  • Blackcurrant Nectar & Pear: Si Passione reiterates the signature scent of Si - the blackcurrant nectar, combined with a sparkling, joyful pear.
  • Rose & Jasmine Absolute: The floral heart of the fragrance beats passionately, thanks to the rose, which smells of transparent and vegetal petals in a modern interpretation, and the luminous and hyper-feminine jasmine absolute.
  • Vanilla & Cedarwood: Cedarwood and the modern ambery-woody Orcanox give the scent maturity and character, mirroring a boldness of emotion, evoking true passion.