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In 2015 we were in Los Angeles visiting our first US stockists, Lucky Scent and started plotting a joint project: Freeway is the result. You can watch Sarah and Arthur talking about it in our little film.

It smells of orange groves, evaporating fuel, hot roads, jasmine and sweet pastries.

After hearing the roar and smelling the engine of a Maserati in their carpark, and walking up to Hollywood Boulevard because the whole area was gridlocked, we started thinking about the scent.

It's the aroma of a freeway when the oil has run out, and the space has become a wildlife haven, with orange groves and white flowers. There are solar cars and bicycles,  picnic tables and humming birds. Like everywhere in LA there's the background scent of cooking sugar. Mandarin petigrain essential oil gives it a strange note of evaporating gasoline, from the sun on concrete, and there's the deep dark hot rubber smell in the background.