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Experience the captivating allure of Giorgio Armani's Acqua Di Gio Parfum, a new fragrance from the Acqua Di Gio Collection that redefines the concept of deep and intense freshness. This powerful scent is characterised by the harmonious blend of incense notes and the iconic marine accords that have made Acqua di Giò a timeless classic. The result is a charismatic and vibrant fragrance that exudes an air of mystery, reminiscent of a rugged landscape meeting the strength and vastness of the ocean. Prepare to be mesmerised by this new olfactory journey that pushes the boundaries of freshness to new heights.

TOP NOTES                                                                                                                             MARINE NOTES & BERGAMOT

While the original fragrance is defined by its invigorating freshness, ACQUA DI GIÒ PARFUM introduces a new, extreme freshness to the collection. This is expressed in top notes that comprise a refined bergamot heart, which balances a sparkling brightness with an aromatic, floral facet, combined with the intensity of the emblematic marine notes.


At the heart is a fusion of geranium bourbon heart, rosemary essence, and clary sage heart. The geranium bourbon heart creates an intense and multifaceted effect, with its blend of fruity facets and herbaceous aromas, while the clary sage heart evokes sparkling floral and fruity tones. The rosemary essence, meanwhile, conjures a contemporary, fresh, and spicy effect. These notes create a mood of modernity and dynamism, that reinvents Acqua di Giò’s iconic aromatic signature.


Notes of vibrant woods, conveying smokiness and elegance, characterize the fragrance’s base. Patchouli essence, known for its singular warmth, creates the fragrance’s mysterious sillage, while incense essence brings a salty, mineral facet and a sense of mystery. The mineral-toned incense essence note is evocative of the black rocks of Pantelleria, the Italian island that perpetually inspires Giorgio Armani.