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New York '55 Eau de Parfum

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'New York '55 was made with vintage fans in mind, to match the look with the fragrance. It seemed to use that if you were going to go to the trouble of dressing like you're in New York in 1955, you might like to wear a fragrance that placed you back in the right decade.

The perfume that inspired us was vintage Chantilly, and although this doesn't  smell like the 1948 Houbigant classic, its exhuberance, flounciness, sweetness and full, generous fragrance seemed to capture something that was lost in the simpler, underdressed 60s and 70s.

It's structured undergarments are musks which were available at the time; it's heart is rose, raspberry and violet, and its top notes are fresh citrus juices and a dollop of creamed candy floss.

We've now made nine fragrances in our vintage series: four for Living Literature at the University of London, one for London Transport Museum, one for Peroni Nastro Azurro beer and three just because we can. They are all made with materials available at the time we've dated them, so they could have been made just like this. '